Make in India

Make in India is an initiative launched by the Indian government in September 2014 to encourage companies to manufacture their products in India. The primary goal of this campaign is to transform India into a global manufacturing hub and create jobs for its rapidly growing population. It focuses on various sectors, including manufacturing, electronics, information technology, biotechnology, and more.

We at Support Make in India and help Indian Manufacturer to Start their Setup in India. We also help in getting their licenses, compliances, factory setup, manpower recruitment, software system to manage input and employees on payroll, advertise and marketise their product & services in various part of India and rest of the world. Key objectives and features of the Sansadhan is help companies from planning to profit. Various parts of make in India program are:

Ease of Doing Business: The government has implemented various reforms to make it easier for businesses to set up and operate in India. This includes simplifying regulatory processes and reducing bureaucratic hurdles.

Investment Promotion: The initiative seeks to attract both domestic and foreign investments in various sectors. Special economic zones and industrial corridors have been developed to facilitate this.

Infrastructure Development: To support manufacturing activities, there has been significant investment in improving infrastructure, such as roads, ports, and industrial parks.

Skill Development: The campaign aims to enhance the skill set of the Indian workforce to meet the demands of the modern manufacturing industry.

Intellectual Property Rights: Measures have been taken to strengthen and enforce intellectual property rights, providing protection for innovations and inventions.

Sector-Specific Initiatives: Make in India identifies specific sectors with growth potential and provides tailored incentives and support for companies operating in these sectors.

Global Outreach: The initiative also includes a global marketing campaign to promote India as a manufacturing destination on the global stage.

Digital India: The Digital India campaign runs parallel to Make in India, focusing on digital infrastructure and connectivity to support modern manufacturing and technology-driven industries.

The Make in India initiative has generated significant interest and investment from both domestic and international companies. It has contributed to the growth of manufacturing sectors in India, the development of industrial clusters, and an increase in the production of various goods. However, its long-term success depends on continued government support, infrastructure development, and policy reforms to address challenges such as bureaucracy, taxation, and logistics.